Find something for You and Your hotels from our diverse hotel equipment, textile and cosmetics offer. Some of the companyes that we represent:


Minibar systems


Minibar Systems has been the industry leader for over 40 years. They have a large selection of innovative minibars, quality control systems and profit enhancement tools. Their expert knowledge of minibar operations enables to recommend the best type of technology for your hotel. They also design and implement operating procedures in order to achieve maximum profitability and guest satisfaction. They have large range of products (including traditional and automated minibars, control systems, in-room safes) and services (including operational support, technical support and finance).

Northmace & Hendon

Welcome tray

Northmace & Hendon design and manufacture market-leading professional hotel bedroom products that enhance the hotel guest’s experience. They have defined the hotel guest experience since 1942. understanding the interactions that guests have with the products in the bedroom affect their opinion of your hotel. Northmace & Hendon products not only improve the standing of your hotel, but also the experience of your guests. With a reputation built on quality and customer care, they are the brand of choice for hoteliers in over 100 countries from individual hotels to large Hotel Groups.

De Witte Lietaer


In 1898 Zeno De Witte and Leonie Lietaer started a workshop for flax weaving: De Witte Lietaer was born.
The founders of the company, as well as the many generations of workers and employers who succeeded them, have transformed De Witte Lietaer into a textile company renowned for its quality products, knowhow and perseverance. De Witte Lietaer operates in the hospitality, project market, retail and contract markets. Their headquarters situated in Belgium (Lauwe), and they have their own production unit in Turkey and two small scale production units in Belgium. They mainly export their products to Western Europe: Benelux, France, Germany, Spain and partly to the Middle East. The company offers a diverse assortment of bath, table, kitchen and bed linen collections for all kinds of retailers such as department stores, boutiques and specialist shops.


NOFER is a Spanish company located in Barcelona, with more than 45 years of experience. Their designs and manufactures stainless steel bathroom accessories and furniture for public institutions. NOFER productsare made in Spain, with more than 1.000 available references. They are constantly innovating to give their clients the best solution to their needs, both when:
- Equipping new installations
- Renewing and maintaining existing installations

ADA Cosmetics

ADA Cosmetics

Andreas Dahlmeyer founded the company in Kehl, Germany, in 1979, transferring the business in 2006 into the hands of the long-standing management team and an investment company.
Their diverse range of products designed to fulfill hotel supplies has been logically developed to suit the needs of the hotel industry. Thery are the first German supplier to have developed "green" hotel beauty products. Today, they have roughly 300 employees and a global distribution network serving around 15000 customers worldwide.

Pacific Direct

Pacific direct cosmetics

Pacific Direct was founded in 1991 by entrepreneur Lara Morgan, with the aim of targeting the luxury hotel industry with high quality, innovative room accessories. A unique strategy was formed, the ‘Brand Boutique’ concept - a collection of luxury retail branded toiletry products made in miniature for hotels - placed Pacific Direct at the cutting edge of the guest amenities industry. Continual evolution of the brand collections within the boutique has been a key focus of the team, to anticipate the demands of the modern luxury traveller. Today, Pacific Direct is a global company, with customers in over 120 countries, manufacturing and distributing luxury toiletries and guest amenities for hotels, cruise lines and airlines.


Edelweiss piano
Edelweiss piano

Real pianos that play themselfs; controlled by an Ipod or Ipad

Swinsuit Dryer
Swinsuit Dryer

An essential part of any swimmers day, removing the need to carry wet costumes

Products made under our Beotim brand:

  • Carts for maids
  • Additional bed
  • Dance floor
  • Mounting stage


  • Falkensteiner
  • Belgrade Art Hotel
  • Helvetia Swiss Private Hotel
  • Hotel 88 rooms
  • In Hotel
  • Hotel Rex
  • Hotel Evropa
  • Villa Jelena
  • Hotel Balkan
  • Junior Hotel - Kopaonik
  • Premier Aqua - Vrdnik
  • Hotel Mir - Zlatibor
  • Hotel Mona - Zlatibor
  • Palisad
  • Kraljevi Čardaci